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We Create Innovation

Lenhart Studios is a creative marketing agency – competitive, determined, and dedicated to creating direct visual communications, packaging, and product designs that your customers will notice, understand and relate to on multiple levels

The Services You Count On!

We’re not a cookie cutter agency. We’re not mimic marketers looking at what’s been done. We are seasoned
thought leaders with a history of making clients successful. We’re the team others follow.
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Strategic Innovation​

Concepting, Innovating, Strategic Planning,Target Marketing, Identifying Opportunities, Design Thinking

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Identity & Branding

Corporate ID, Logos & Icons, Brand
Positioning, Messaging & Strategy,
Brand Building & Support

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Marketing & Advertising

Marketing Plans, Positioning,
Audience Targeting, Campaigns, Consumer Eng., Product Launches

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Digital Creative

Campaign, Cross-Channel Designs, Product Landing Pages, Channel-Specific Content

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Product Design

Concept, Product Planning, Appearance
& Function, Prototyping & Product Design

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New Product Development, Cost-Effective Palletization, Innovative Design, Folding Carton, Thermoform 

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Production & Manufacturing

Development, Engineering, Creative, Printing, Fulfillment

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Shopper Marketing

Consumer Engagement, New Product Launches, Product Development, Digital, Temporary, Semi-Perm, Permanent

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Big Or Small We Create For Them All

Consumer Products
Entertainment Products

Your Awards & Recognition

We win when you win!

Win not just awards, but a stronger brand and deeper customer awareness. Drive your customers to purchase, gain their loyalty, reduce costs, increase sales and ROI!

Your goals are our goals!

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We Design For Your Manufacturing Suppliers


You may have worked with Lenhart without even knowing it

We Design Products & Merchandising Programs
For Your Retailers

Brick & Mortar and Digital Retail

Presentation Development, Sell Sheets, Planograms, Bills of Material. We meet all retail specifications.

What Your Vendors Are Saying

Meet Your Team!

Charles Lenhart

Founder CEO

Charles Carpenter

Chief Creative Officer

Kurt Lim

V.P Structural Engineering, Display, Packaging & Manufacturing

Peggy Brown

V.P Sales & Marketing

Charles Carpenter

Senior Product Development

Roxy Lawyer

Director of Digital Development

Roxy Lawyer

Director of Digital Development

Keirsen Lim

Senior Product Development

Michael Pollick

Creative Writer & Brand Story Strategist

Sarah Brown

Senior IT & Web Development

A Bit About Us

What Role Can We Play In Your Brand?

We build relationships between brands and consumers so it’s not surprising that we care about and build our relationship with you. You’re not just another client. We know your needs are for a studio/agency that is your trusted partner, not just a supplier. Our partners look for our unique engagement early on in their advertising journey. As trusted partners, we are there for you when you’re asking for advice, when you're presenting your plan, when you need your goal safeguarded and when you need your goals to become winning executions that drive ROI

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We set you apart from the competition with focused messaging and
creative ideas and strategies that capture attention and drive engagement

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